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Cajun Prairie Gardens

Cajun Prairie Gardens

Address: 1932 Fournerat Rd, Eunice, LA 70535, USA


Website: http://www.cajunprairiegardens.com/

City: Louisiana

Country: United States

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JmeLea Anderson JmeLea Anderson
Shared publicly - May, 8
There are many blackberries in the spring. We saw birds, bees, rabbits and many many flowers. I take my dogs there for a walk every weekend. Seems like we are the only ones who visits the garden. I wish that it was better cared for. It really needs another restoration group to tend to it.nFor Mother's Day my son and dogs came with we had a picnic and viewed some flowers that just came in bloom. It was a hard time keeping him from picking all the beautiful flowers. We saw a flower that blooms at night. Wish I could see its splendor.nI give it 4 stars because it is a bit overgrown. A little sad that someone dumped their dead dog along the walkway. They could have baried it I'm sure no one would have mind. A paint job to the pravillion would be nice.

Cooper Emery Cooper Emery
Shared publicly - December, 16

Andrew Manzo Andrew Manzo
Shared publicly - December, 11

Joana Amor Cabanero Joana Amor Cabanero
Shared publicly - November, 2

Omar Deeb Omar Deeb
Shared publicly - January, 4

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