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Burger King

Burger King

Address: 2601 N Parkerson Ave, Crowley, LA 70526, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 337-329-6792

Website: https://burgerking.com/store-locator/store/restaurant_3165

City: Louisiana

Country: United States

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SooperMikey SooperMikey
Shared publicly - July, 30
Been waiting past the drive thru window for 10 mins. I am not the next car in line. I ordered 2 sandwiches. One was correct. The other was not. Choose another fast food stop in the area.

Kimberly McBride Kimberly McBride
Shared publicly - June, 30
Burger King has not been great lately, but this visit was good. I got a bacon cheeseburger and it was hot and yummy. The staff, on the other hand, seemed miserable and put out by us being there.

jessica walker jessica walker
Shared publicly - September, 14
Cashier in drive not friendly. Manager disrespectful. My husband order me a plain sausage croissant and they gave is a plain croissant no sausage and she gone tell him thats not what he ordered. And she didn't give us our money back. Never will I go back to this Burger King

Billie Brown Billie Brown
Shared publicly - September, 29
This restaurant has great customer service and the food is always hot and fresh as well as delicious!! They have never gotten my order wrong when I’ve used the drive through feature or the inside dining which is very rare these days. They pay attention to detail and have a very clean establishment! The drive through is open 24 hours a day so you can get food no matter what time it happens to be!

Duke Parden Duke Parden
Shared publicly - August, 29
Slow slow slow drive thru, ordered a sausage bacon ham and cheese croisanwich, didn't get any ham. Food was not even hot. Order 27, 7-29-22

Lynn Siemssen Lynn Siemssen
Shared publicly - April, 1
This location was very disturbing. The girl behind the counter attempted to fill my order with cold fries instead of the fresh ones that had just been cooked. Additionally, I tried to tell her the Ladies Room had no paper in it and she did not even answer me. When she finally filled my order she basically thrusted the bag in my direction and said nothing. The two hamburgers we received were so salty we could not eat them. This is a Burger King in Crowley, La. that we will never patronize again!!!!!

Adam W. Schindler Adam W. Schindler
Shared publicly - September, 28
Incredibly poor service. Unsafe and unhealthy food preparation. Cashier took a customers money and then put her fingers in my fries. Asked politely for her to wash her hands and she disappeared for 5min making me wait while my food sat getting cold. She wasn’t wearing her mask and fussed at a customer saying they had to have masks. This place is a disaster.

Shared publicly - April, 1
Not so friendly or outspoken employees here. Never hear them with a positive attitude always rude, or instead of "hi welcome to burger king how many I take your order" no it's more like *"what u want"* idk foods alright, but the ice cream machine and the frozen machine is always out and they're also always out of slot of food there.

Chrystal T Chrystal T
Shared publicly - May, 1
What is up with stopping at the yellow pole right before the window? This is the most ghetto place. This Burger King is in need of a lot of help. I would not recommend this particular location.

Aubrey LeBlanc Aubrey LeBlanc
Shared publicly - September, 21
Getting better than it was. It had fallen off over the past couple of years.

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