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Boyd & Buie Attys At Law

Boyd & Buie Attys At Law

Address: 308 Court Square, DeWitt, AR 72042, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 870-946-4520

City: Arkansas

Country: United States

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Donna Cessor Donna Cessor
Shared publicly - September, 14
As I was in Mr. Tee's office, I noticed a sword hanging point down on the wall. The sword had the 'Star of David' on the handle. This sword represented 'The Cross', and reminded me of David and Goliath. No matter have 'giant' you problems are with God on your side, anything is possible. If you trust in God and believe anything is possible, let Mr. Tee help slay your giants. I believe Boyd & Buie he have God on their side.

Shalanda Bush Shalanda Bush
Shared publicly - September, 15
Won't return phone calls before or after court hearing. My daughter hired Christina Boyd for custody, we drove 2 hours one way to her office, and in the end she never showed up her partner did. Was not handled and still not being held professionally.have not received papers from final hearing and as usual no call back

Good life Good life
Shared publicly - September, 14
Do a good job, when an attorney is needed..

bougee rainbow bougee rainbow
Shared publicly - September, 14
definitely wouldn't reccomend to anyone. I literally gave away 2000 dollars

covalent lab covalent lab
Shared publicly - September, 14
Very supportive and honest.

AbdoKhaled Nassr AbdoKhaled Nassr
Shared publicly - April, 17
Excellent service

Abdullah Albloushi Abdullah Albloushi
Shared publicly - September, 14

Alex Chbib Alex Chbib
Shared publicly - September, 15
Talking to my lawyer

Omarie Starr Omarie Starr
Shared publicly - September, 15

Samuel Monroy Samuel Monroy
Shared publicly - September, 15
Very friendly

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