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BOSS of Smyrna-Clayton

BOSS of Smyrna-Clayton

Address: 4681 Wheatleys Pond Rd, Clayton, DE 19938, USA


Website: https://www.facebook.com/BOSSofSmyrnaClayton

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Darlene Scott Darlene Scott
Shared publicly - October, 9
Spent the weekend in clayton we wanted beer for the crabs they had a very good supply

Alex Abbott Alex Abbott
Shared publicly - December, 30
All of your wine, liquor and beer needs in one convenient location. Have come across some good finds and we always love the staff!

Karen Short Karen Short
Shared publicly - July, 13
They have a new employee a gentlemen that has no social skills called me lady and said yo, yo, yo when I called to complain about being over charged makes you think if he was guilty of something, Ive never had any other problems and Jennifer is always sweet and very personable.

Joana Amor Cabanero Joana Amor Cabanero
Shared publicly - May, 7

Shannon Fung Shannon Fung
Shared publicly - December, 7

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