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( BMGVSI ) "Radha Govinda Pashupatinath Temple"

( BMGVSI ) "Radha Govinda Pashupatinath Temple"

Address: 1616 Desoto Rd, Baltimore, MD 21230, USA


Website: http://bmgvsi.org/

City: Maryland

Country: United States

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Rita Patel Rita Patel
Shared publicly - December, 23
I met Pandit Thakurji for the first time today and had a great experience. He read my palm and was able to tell me things about my past that no one knew about. He was very honest and descriptive with his responses and answered any questions I had. He did not rush throughout the meeting and took his time to truthfully tell me everything that I needed to know for a healthier and happy future. I left the experience feeling so much better both emotionally and spiritually. He is a very knowledgeable astronomer. I thank him for all of his words and prayers. I appreciate deeply from my heart the time he spent to help me and my family.nnThank you Thakurji,nRita Patel

diksha patel diksha patel
Shared publicly - December, 19
I went to temple so warship the gods and there I meet with Sanjeet Thakur (priest cum palmist) I meet him I showed him my horoscope and we are very happy we meet him it was a very good experience

Anil Patel Anil Patel
Shared publicly - December, 24
I was introduced to Shri Sanjeet Kumar Thakur Pandit ji by a very good family friend, who's name happens to be Ishwar. it was my humble pleasure to meet with Pandit ji Thakur, we openly discussed my life, family and health issues that were of concern to me, and that have had an adverse impact on my well being for the past several years. Pandit ji provided me with detailed guidance and understanding of astrology and recommended that i alter certain things in my life style and my physical living space immediately to achieve greater health and happiness. Pandit ji provided me with scientific reasoning as to why and how things happen in life and our surroundings. Pandit ji Thakur is highly educated and well experienced in business and legal arena and has excellent communication and delivery skills, which is surprisingly rare for a priest. Going forward in life, i will diligently follow the recommendations and instructions of Pandit ji Thakur to achieve greater happiness and health. Pandit ji Thakur you has my and my families sincere Thanks for all his guidance, and we will stay in touch going forward.nnAnil Patel, New Jersey

Prashant Sareen Prashant Sareen
Shared publicly - December, 22
I have been to Pashupatinath temple and met Thakur ji there through one of family friends. Just because of Thakur ji I started revisiting the Pashupatinath temple. He is very knowledgeable priest and is also very good in the science of Astrology as well as Palmistry. His calculations are very accurate and his guidance is very helpful. Besides all of the knowledge and understanding of Astrology he is a very kind human being. May God bless him. I highly recommend Thakur ji so that others can also take help and guidance from him.

ekku lanza ekku lanza
Shared publicly - December, 20
Hare KrishnanToday I had a Priest Thakur, who I met first in Kali Temple and next in Pashupatinat Temple, only after those 2 meetings, I discovered that he is Astute in the Jyotish Nakshastra Science. Desiring this for 5 yrs, I immediately made the appt.nNow coming to the Pt, the meticulous, methodical, and comprehensive chart; with the explanation and remedy provided by Priest Thakur is very detailed from my childhood to present. He even highlighted specific times with so many challenges. This applied science is an ancient science which has begun a renaissance in my life. Now I’m going to bring my family and friends. Can you believe he does it as Seva and does not charge. You can offer a donation but he does not accept 1 penny. Please understood that the planets and stars existed during each of the life births. So, obtaining a comprehensive Jyotish Scientific chart from an Astute Priest as Priest Thakur is life changing, life upskilling, dosha resolving, and family uniting. Don’t doubt and delay do it now, it helps.nnHare Krishna, ऊँ

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