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Betsy Ross Pizza

Betsy Ross Pizza

Address: 4 W Liberty St, Harrington, DE 19952, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-398-4337

Website: http://betsyrosspizza.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Jerica Archer Jerica Archer
Shared publicly - September, 3
My bf and I went here for my birthday. We ordered pizza and cheese fries and a small salad. Waiter was a nice girl but very inattentive. We had to literally stare in her direction for atleast 5mins for refills. ( we still tipped) Also asked for the table to be wiped because it was sticky. Not the cleanest. However the food was good. Loved the pizza!

Kelly Whaley Kelly Whaley
Shared publicly - September, 3
Horrible!!! Service was unbelievably slow. Waited 30 minutes for 15 wings that came out burnt to a crisp and absolutely no flavor. Pizza was less than par. Resembles frozen pizza. Definitely will not be back and to top it off, there is mold on my husband’s sub roll

stinksox1 stinksox1
Shared publicly - September, 3
Wow. Just paid $62 for two medium pizzas 40 wings and mozzarella sticks! So for that price I was expecting a great experience. No!! Cold pizza, hard mozzarella sticks and the wings that I asked to be extra crispy were extra chewy. Still trying to figure out what exactly I paid for

Kimberly Harrison Kimberly Harrison
Shared publicly - September, 3
Pizza was delish!! I ordered two days in a row and it took about an hr for delivery but my food was hot the bacon cheese fries are ok but they were hot and fresh needed a dash of salt but the pizza was on point wasn't too crazy about the buffalo chicken wrap it was ok but overall i hada great experience and anytime i'm back in Felton Delaware i'll b ordering from there again!

Sandy M Sandy M
Shared publicly - September, 3
Most recent order arrived over 20 minutes late, was cold, and we were overcharged (17.99 lg pizza w/ wings special was rung up wrong and total over 25). Ad we got in mail says free delivery M-F but I get charged delivery fees everytime I have ordered. Better off just sticking with Dominoes.

Just some guy Just some guy
Shared publicly - September, 3
Not a great place to stop , seems a little run down and neglected. Condensation from the air conditioning ducts was dripping out of the ceiling. They have a crib and baby items sitting in the dining area like it's some kind of daycare which just seems odd . I don't think they have changed their menus since they opened the place , they're extremely worn out and corrected and changed with a marker. I ordered a cheesesteak and a basket of steak fries agreeing to have the fries come out as and appetizer so they could cool a little prior to the arrival of the anticipated cheesesteak. The fries arrived very quickly ( five minutes or so ) and were cooked to a crisp , seemingly overcooked which led me to believe that these were old fries that they threw back into the fryer to reheat , 99%sure this was the case. The cheesesteak arrived after 20 minutes , I asked for extra mayonnaise which they did seem to give me however it was all plopped on at the bottom of the roll which ( along with all the grease) made the hinge of the roll turn to mush and the cheesesteak literally fell apart and was super soggy. The meat was undercooked and pink . The person with me also ordered a cheesesteak but did not order extra meat . I knew to order extra meat because I've run into that problem there before , the meat on hers was an inch and a half from the edge of her bread all the way around the edge . I would not have gone there if it were not for my companions wish to go but I can tell you I'm hopeful i will never have to return. I give one star because I can't go lower lol

My Crazy Martz My Crazy Martz
Shared publicly - September, 3
I've been going to BR since I was a kid. It's a local spot for after sporting events or watching a game on the TV. They still have the same pizza I remember eating as a kid. The building could use an update, and the restaurant hasn't held up as well as their food. We often get takeout, it's one of the few places that delivers to Frederica.

Tammy Cain Tammy Cain
Shared publicly - September, 2
The waitress was walking around with her baby. Taking orders with her. And sitting at a table in the back on the floor with an older gentlemen. There were baby items randomly across the restaurant. She at one point sat the baby down in a highchair, and walked away to get things done behind the counter. That is the worst environment for a child with all the bacteria. Not to mention. The pizza we got was horrible.

Marsha Guy Marsha Guy
Shared publicly - September, 3
I ordered 2 large pizzas, wings, fries and 2 cheesesteaks. It took 1 hour to get the food and all of it was cold except the pizzas. They told us they would bring back new food. That took another hour. My cheesesteak had more lettuce than meat, the bread was hard, the lettuce was old and the large cheesesteak bread was mushy and neither was cut. The lettuce tasted very old and the taste was throughout the entire sub. I could not eat it. I will never order from Betsy Ross in Harrington again. And the person who took the complaint did not care at all that the order was messed up. No apology was given. I tipped $10 for them to bring my food 1 minute down the road and had to go through all of this.. Never again...

Katie McCreary Katie McCreary
Shared publicly - September, 2
Amazing! We had a very large group and they accommodated us with no problems! Wings are the best in state. We traveled 40 minutes to eat there. Will def be back 😁

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