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Bella Dee's Pizzeria

Bella Dee's Pizzeria

Address: 4317 Forrest Ave, Dover, DE 19904, USA


City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Stephan Beachy Stephan Beachy
Shared publicly - February, 14
Excellent food! Best buffalo chicken pizza I've ever tasted. Wings are also fantastic. Very friendly people!

Tina Havens Tina Havens
Shared publicly - October, 20
We ordered food last night wait over an hour and finally called. The man on the phone informed us that his driver never came back. My question is when were they going to let us know!!! The guy said we could pick it up it was sitting there...really! And how cold do you think it is?? If they would have called that would have made a huge difference. Never again!! I will call Polisenos from now on!

Will Simpler Will Simpler
Shared publicly - July, 27
Bella Dees is one of the best restaurants in Dover great food great deals and wonderful people

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