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Address: 100 Westgate Cir, Annapolis, MD 21401, USA


Website: http://www.azureannapolis.com/

City: Maryland

Country: United States

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Otta B Otta B
Shared publicly - September, 1
Great staff. Chef nailed it with preparing the steak! Absolutely delicious. This place is setting a standard when it comes to staff and food. Ambience is warm. Bartenders are professional, polite and not annoying.

Jaquan Ellis Jaquan Ellis
Shared publicly - June, 21
Good not great.

John Vizzini John Vizzini
Shared publicly - December, 23
Mike Wolf is the best bartender I'm Annapolis they are lucky to have him

Rosemary Rosemary
Shared publicly - November, 3
Ordering a drink at a bar doesn’t have to be complicated. His action was terrible. Just watch out for your tab. (extras surprisingly drinks).

Erik Erik
Shared publicly - July, 16
Great Maryland breakfast! Chesapeake Benedict with lump crab meat and old bay home fries on the side. Also, had the fresh carrot, apple, ginger, and turmeric juice. Both were fresh and refreshing! I have also heard great things about their dinners. They get some unique selections of fish and meats that they will sometimes offer on the menu. The staff was very nice and the outdoor seating was pleasant. The indoor seating has some nice seats along the window, but does have a hotel restaurant feel. But the food makes up for it and makes this a hidden gem in the Westin Hotel.

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