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Auto Brand Net

Auto Brand Net

Address: 8 The Green Suite #6138, Dover, DE 19901, USA


Website: http://www.autobrandnet.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Sailor Infinicorn Sailor Infinicorn
Shared publicly - October, 30
I have recived so many spam E-mail with this address attached at the bottom of them. All of their E-mails are clearly spam, they send so many at once all with the same title just different fonts (like are they even trying to make it look legit?).nGoogle if you are seeing this please do something about this place. I may not get tricked by scams like this but there are vulnerable people who don't know any better and will fall for these things.nAll the reviews here are one star for a reason!

Rachid SANFO. Rachid SANFO.
Shared publicly - August, 15
My personal advice is to not enter into any financial transaction with this company. There is no transparency on their processes once they receive your money. No one from the company is confirming the transfer I made since 31st July, as part of the purchase of the car ( stock 2330) on their website.nBesides, some of the car in their inventory have been actually sold on another Car Auction website long ago. The car being marketed is therefore not what the customer can expect after purchase.nAUTO BRAN NET is therefore likely a scam company based on my interactions with them so far.

obans folashade obans folashade
Shared publicly - November, 19
This company is a scam. I made payment for over four weeks now and there is no response from the company on how I will get my car. I am regretting doing business with them. You are a scam.

Davide Bugatti Davide Bugatti
Shared publicly - February, 28
If god will give one day the opportunity to meet one of the guy behind this scam , I will have all their family begging me on their knee not to take their eyes out of their skullnScam are fine they happen , but the way the scam you is unacceptablenEvery dollar you stolen from us you will pay back in medicine pharmannGood luck with your illnessnnPOOR PEOPLE

Va Br Va Br
Shared publicly - November, 12
Just liars. Stay away from this big scam bubble. You order car they took your money and you never get your car.nCheck location, is not office, is agent with hundred other companyes and this address is for hundred others.

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