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Atlantis Coin Laundry & Car

Atlantis Coin Laundry & Car

Address: 1401 S Main St, Stuttgart, AR 72160, United States


City: Arkansas

Country: United States

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Crystal Ballard Crystal Ballard
Shared publicly - September, 14
Washer didn't drain properly causing me to have to drain my covers by hand n most machines are nasty or broke

Patty Trumper Patty Trumper
Shared publicly - November, 19
It's always clean but washers are very expensive. And half the time you put your money in one and then it won't work & there's no one there to give your money back after hours. Dryers work great, usually dry clothes first time around. As with washers there are usually multiple dryers not working

Derrick Shelton Derrick Shelton
Shared publicly - April, 18
Just stop to wash my car after passing through Stuttgart. The car wash was ok but my car was still dirty.

Arkansas Car Wash Reviews Arkansas Car Wash Reviews
Shared publicly - September, 16
The automatic car wash system here does have dryers here. These dryers are built into the machine, so the gantry moves back and forth (once in each direction) when drying your car. The blowers aren't the most efficient, but for their age, they do pretty good. Overall, the automatic car wash is very well maintained and I recommend it.

Ms Pickett Ms Pickett
Shared publicly - September, 15
It's the worst customer service ever. I've call numerous of times(never a returned call) when my money is taken and things like that, but to have my clothes stuck in a machine is unacceptable. I know it's an inconvenience to have to service the laundromat on a Sunday; know it's an inconvenience to the customer as well. There's a sign that's posted, not responsible for clothes left unattended.... What choice have u left me with? This is ridiculous!!!!

Camille MacDonald Camille MacDonald
Shared publicly - September, 16
Most of the machines didn't work. One of mine broke during the wash cycle. No attendant. Called numbers provided, no answer on one, spoke to a lady, she said she'd try to get someone over there. 2 hours later, help came. Very nice young man and very helpful. But 2 hours is ridiculous to have to wait in a 90 degree environment. (I would have left, but I couldn't get the machine open to retrieve my clothes)! I won't go back there!

Brianna Carlton Brianna Carlton
Shared publicly - September, 15
The washers are great as well as some of the dryers. You may have to use small loads in some of the dryers as it seems they don't dry thoroughly

Makayla Jackson Makayla Jackson
Shared publicly - April, 18
Love this carwash takes debit cards

haley Gooch haley Gooch
Shared publicly - September, 16
Laundry service is excellent , drop and pick up service on time ,she’s very polite and have also used vacuums and they were good also , The service is the best in town for laundry mat and car clean up . Thanks again

Peter Lobo Peter Lobo
Shared publicly - May, 18
Great place to suds up your ride

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