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Atlanta Peachtree Station

Atlanta Peachtree Station

Address: 1688 Peachtree Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30309, USA


Website: https://www.amtrak.com/servlet/ContentServer?pagename=am/am2Sta

City: Georgia

Country: United States

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Agha Intizar Mehdi Agha Intizar Mehdi
Shared publicly - March, 11
Great service and clean restroom at this historic station.

Kane Mit Kane Mit
Shared publicly - December, 15
It a great time to travel by train, you'll see nice views and the coach are actually comfy with plenty space around, recommend the experience (:

Shane Randall Shane Randall
Shared publicly - December, 29
Amtrak parking was terrible tiny parking lot. Amtrak was 2 hours late arriving. Amtrak stopped for freight train to pass 3 miles away from Amtrak station after being 2 hours late which is understandable...then the train sits for 15 minutes AFTER freight train had passed. I would say Amtrak is as unreliable and late arriving as Greyhound is! We will never send for our dad again on Amtrak! Where is service these days? Do people really have to fly to get service & predictability?? The bus system and train system in this country is an embarrassment! We need some innovative fresh competition, instead of this stale lazy monopoly we have now with lack of service & reliability to say the least! Shame on you Amtrak!

Chris Tuttle Chris Tuttle
Shared publicly - October, 19
Although this station leaves a lot to be desired for a major city's primary train hub, it works! The staff are some of the nicest I've ever met. If you're taking a long trip, drop in early, check your luggage for free to your destination, and walk 1 block away to grab some Chipotle -- the only food option nearby.

Kenneth Smith Kenneth Smith
Shared publicly - June, 9
This is the little train station that could. Everyone here is so friendly. Do not expect Union Station, more resembles a small post office. It’s clean and just right for the amount of riders leaving Atlanta by train.

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