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Anne Arundel County Jury Office

Anne Arundel County Jury Office

Address: 8 Church Cir #301, Annapolis, MD 21401, USA


Website: http://www.circuitcourt.org/for-jurors/juror-call-in-procedure

City: Maryland

Country: United States

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Les Fairall Les Fairall
Shared publicly - July, 31
It's really not that bad! I was not thrilled to get that hot pink summons envelope in the mail... grrrr. But I went and spent the day watching games shows. Not my first choice of things to do but its better than staring at a wall waiting to be called as a juror. The bailiffs there tried to make things as 'fun' as possible while still getting their job done. Why 5 stars, between the employees I dealt with and the ability to get snacks and drinks etc it was not as bad as I thought it would be. They do have a small deli/grille down on the 1st floor (street level is actually 3rd floor). I stayed in to eat lunch. Just got a quick ham n cheese sandwich. Not bad at all. One of their specials was a taco salad but omg it was sooo big. Couple of things to remember. Park at park place garage, hold your white parking card. You get a pink card at the courthouse, turn in both for $2 parking (at that garage only). You can walk from Park Place garage to courthouse in about same time as shuttle takes during traffic. The chairs in the jury room are not the most comfortable but you don't have to sit the whole time while waiting. Would I go back, not unless made to but hey even though I didn't get to sit on a trial at all I got to watch Match Game 76..wow!, and the current version of The Price is Right, something I don't make time for normally...) Final thoughts.. IF you gotta go, you might as well try to look at the positive side of things (yeah, that's not me normally).

Shared publicly - March, 30

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