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Amity Coffee

Amity Coffee

Address: 8 W Market St, Greenwood, DE 19950, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-754-0166

Website: http://www.amity-coffee.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Sarah Dexter Sarah Dexter
Shared publicly - August, 19
I love this place, it's my go to stop for cold brew!! The staff is always friendly, food is delicious; especially the giant chocolate chip cookies, and the quiche is always good! Beautiful decor.

Melly C Melly C
Shared publicly - August, 3
I absolutely adore this place and it's a must try. There's a reason this has so many good reviews. I was looking for a nice cafe for drinks in the morning and some snacks and this place delivers 120%. 💵: They have a great selection of drinks that are completely unreasonably price because it should cost MORE lol. Their prices are fantastic and beyond repeatingly affordable if you visit multiple times a week. This is a place for when you want to splurge without actually feeling like you wasted money or should have saved it instead. FOOD🍓🍞: They have treats and breakfast items for sale. Some are gluten free. All probably taste good. So far I had the chocolate chip cookie, cheddar, broccoli, and ham potato quiche (gluten free), and the strawberry cream scone. No complaints what's so ever. But come in early if you want the good stuff cus it can sell out quickly. ☕🍵: I'm a lover of all things drinks and I had to try a bunch of things when I first went. They have a unique and delicious selection of teas that I absolutely love and made myself finish the drinks completely. Normally I waste drinks after trying them or lose interest fast after the first couple of sips but these kept my attention. The coffee is also super unique because there's brew techniques I've never seen. Anyway you want your tea or coffee they have you covered. Most things can be hot or cold. They also have a perfect selection of creamers. Almond milk, oat milk, coconut cream. Anyway you'd like it you can get your perfect cup here. ATMOSPHERE✨: The place is deceptively big on the inside from what it looks like on the outside. They have two bathrooms in the back. Amity brand clothes like shirts and hoodies you can buy. Games and books for the little kiddies to read or be read to while relaxing. Plenty of comfortable seating. Farm fresh milk that I'm assuming is 100% better than supermarket milk. And you can also buy some plants here too like succulents. The staff is all very friendly and inviting. You kinda feel like you're at a homey little hang out. It's super quiet and calm in there. Perfect for doing work or playing video games or watching YouTube or catching up on your favorite show. 🤎 I can't recommend this place enough and I'm super glad that I went to try it. I was happy the entire time and was definitely the highlight of my day. EVENTS 🎉: Also, They are open until 8 on Thursdays and are looking to start planning events for that day so keep an eye out! Don't forget to check out the two antique shops that are close by in walking distance. 😊 PARKING 🅿️: You can do street parking and come through the front door or you can take the little side road to the right of the building and there's a side door and park in the little parking lot back there. Side note explanation of discrepancy: Some pictures might be confusing because they are three years old. Amity has its own building now right across from tamborelli's. It used to be inside a antique store. Winderlove now has it's own building south down the street and the Gallery 16/Winderlove store (where Amity used to be) is now called Treasure Trove and that's north up the street from Amity.

Kylie Hamilton Kylie Hamilton
Shared publicly - August, 3
They were so sweet here! I’m used to just a simple coffee at dunkin so I had Trouble ordering and she guided me through to find sometimes amazing (iced dirty chai with whip) she was so patient and sweet

Kelly Accetta Kelly Accetta
Shared publicly - August, 3
Love this cute little coffee shop! Really really great coffee. Morning pastries were wonderful i.e. almond scone, black bottom Betty, chocolate chip cookie. Nice environment. Friendly staff. Wish I had this around the corner from me, I'd be a fixture there! Thanks!

Mike Martin Mike Martin
Shared publicly - July, 4
I had a delicious bacon, egg & cheese croissant. The vanilla latte was also very good. The staff had smiles on their faces and were very friendly! I loved the atmosphere and it has a family feel to it. There is plenty of parking in the back. This will be one of my go to spots.

Dawn Dawn
Shared publicly - July, 4
great atmosphere with spacious, modern industrial feel, and books and games in the back. great coffee with even better baked goods. The quiche tastes fresh made and is generously sized, and the London fog scone is killer.

Vanessa Johnson Vanessa Johnson
Shared publicly - August, 29
I am picky about coffee, but am so glad we stopped to try yours. Excellent vanilla latte. Smooth, flavorful, with a touch of vanilla that wasn't sugary. Thank you for a delicious break!

Ian Fenimore Ian Fenimore
Shared publicly - August, 3
My brother Zach took us there for coffee..and I must say great coffee great breakfast sandwich and awesome cookies ..also the owners I meet are super nice people..I bought coffee to take home and they grind it fresh right there..love this place

Shared publicly - September, 2
I luv this place ! A hidden treasures on the road to the beach we discovered this fabulous friendly coffee shop , cappuccino is excellent! , lovely pastries,friendly faces and friendly ppl , Serendipity! ❤️ , A nice antique shop there as well ! I wished the owner would not address me as sir ! I was in a dress , + makeups , I am a transgender.

Andrew Robinette Andrew Robinette
Shared publicly - September, 3
A great local coffee place! The cream cheese espresso topped cinnamon buns and the rich creamy quiche was decadent. The staff was welcoming and happy to give me the recipes. It has an antique farm decor. We will definitely come again.

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