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Address: 1365 N Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-734-5249

Website: https://www.amctheatres.com/movie-theatres/philadelphia/amc-dover-14?utm_source=gbp&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=1365NorthDupontHighway

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Jackie Davis Jackie Davis
Shared publicly - April, 5
You get what you pay for, but depending on the circumstances even that can be a stretch. The employees are kind and the cardboard cutouts are amusing for both kids and adults. Sadly, I find the popcorn and “fresh” food to be terribly tasteless. Once directed to the screen, I am either met with empty rows of seats or mixed among a tight squeeze of people. I will however, applaud this location offers unique screenings such as foreign films, old/classic movies, animated/kid movie events, documentaries, and other limited showings. Other than convince, or a cheap movie, I wouldn’t attend this AMC.

Zorua Fox Zorua Fox
Shared publicly - August, 3
It definitely got better compared to last time I was here last time. When I was there in 2012, The seats was sticky, the popcorn was disgusting, and customer service was okay. But It seems like in 2022, they got better, probably because of the pandemic, but the theater was nice and clean. I didn't get popcorn for my sake, but it seems like the other people liked the popcorn. The customer service is gone through, because I don't see them no more. Thank you AMC for improving the theater's condition.

Matt Hansen Matt Hansen
Shared publicly - August, 3
I've been in Dover for about 12 years and this theater is one of the most disappointing parts of living here. The seats are as basic as possible, the concessions are minimal, and it's all connected to the most mediocre mall I've ever visited. My most recent trip involved some machine that was running loudly in the theater while the movie was playing. It sounded like a mini jet engine that was incredibly distracting during any quiet portions of the film. This was running for the entire movie. On this same trip... After the ads end and the trailers start the curtains open to reveal the full screen. However, the trailers and the feature film itself never used that extra screen size - it just played the whole time in the same little box on the screen that the ads were limited to. The video projection also had a distinct curve, very noticeable on the top and bottom of the screen. Whoever setup this projector clearly spent nearly zero time on it. With the quality of home audio, large 4k screens, and HDR streaming services there's no point in theaters unless actually a nice theater. Dover AMC is NOT that. My living room home theater is literally a better experience than this place. Either make a trip to a good theater or stay home - this place is trash.

FanBev Dekkr FanBev Dekkr
Shared publicly - July, 4
Popcorn was good but prices were high.$9 for kids to see Buzz Light-year in 3D and we were the only ones there. If they would have more competitive prices, rainy days would be full.

Odell Ozbay Odell Ozbay
Shared publicly - June, 4
Last time I visited my boyfriend, my mother and I went to see Venom “let there be carnage” and right as the movie was going to begin a group of teenagers came in and caused absolute havoc, they had small packs of ice they’d throw at people in the theatre, screaming profanities, and unfortunately they sat behind us and proceeded to dump popcorn all over me and my boyfriend through out the film, some people even left while the rest of us told them multiple times to knock it off. Only thing the staff said was “please sit down so we don’t have to call security” at the very beginning of it all. At the end my group and another woman with her 3 kids didn’t feel safe going out the main exit because after repeatedly asking the teens to settle down they proceeded to continue threatening us as said “wait till this movie is over”. I’m not one to sound like a Karen but COME ON, the movie was ruined for EVERYONE and all the staff did was give a light verbal warning :/

Lowell Jackson Lowell Jackson
Shared publicly - June, 4
Service during my visit could've been better.. but my visit got even worse when someone neglected the popcorn and started a fire behind the counter. Took too long to get the extinguisher, now I'm sitting in the lobby waiting for the fire department to give the all clear.

Peggy Long Peggy Long
Shared publicly - April, 5
Love my A list. Always clean. Just wish they were more generous with the heat. Had the leave a good screening 20 minutes in because it was so cold.

Zachary Arganosa Zachary Arganosa
Shared publicly - August, 3
It looks a little run-down, there is a stall past the movie theater bathroom that isn't used anymore, which is a major shame but makes sense since no one really used it that much.

Damien Ward Damien Ward
Shared publicly - February, 4
I take my kids to the movies for their birthdays every year and this was our first return since COVID started. I ordered tickets for Spiderman 3D online and selected our seats ahead of time. First we had a minor issue using a gift card at the concession stand, but it was easily fixed and we were headed to our movie. The staff was very pleasant and happy to help. We get to our theater and find it to be one of the smaller screens since it was the last night of this showing, and with only a handful of people in the entire theater we were fine with that. The real issue was once the movie started. The entire movie felt ruined by us choosing to see it in 3D. Apparently this was not the theater to do this in, as the glasses provided to us had scuff marks on them and seemed to be used, despite appearing to be brand new in the bag. My son felt that there was something wrong but didn't realize that the movie wasn't supposed to have blurriness. I spent the entire movie trying to get a clear view of the screen. For fear of missing even more of the movie, I unfortunately didn't leave the theater to ask for new glasses. Very bad movie experience to say the least. Already joined their loyalty club but unfortunately I don't think I would ever want to return to maximize it's value.

craig Rumpilla craig Rumpilla
Shared publicly - June, 4
Picture quality and sound is not good. Lots of sound from the theatre next door. Dirty theatre. Restrooms dirty. Concession stand dirty. AMC Theatres should not even be in the theatre business with a he'll hole like this.

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