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Alexander Funk Attorney At Law

Alexander Funk Attorney At Law

Address: 250 Beiser Blvd, Dover, DE 19904, USA


Website: http://dover.criminallaw.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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John Christophel John Christophel
Shared publicly - September, 25
One of the nicest men I have ever met. Explained everything clearly. I felt very comfortable with him as I was extremely nervous. He is handling everything, told me to relax and he would do it all. Very thankful to have him in my corner. Lisa has been great also answering all my dumb questions.

R. Lewis R. Lewis
Shared publicly - December, 8
He is an attorney of excellence i definitely would recommend his services.

dan immel dan immel
Shared publicly - October, 12
Mr. Funk is a straight-shooting individual, and tells it like he sees it. The consultation alone was enough to settle my case! I wasn't sure what to do as I had never faced any felony criminal charges in my life. His insight and advice was dead-on, but the DA did not pursue charges. I got lucky that I didn't have to prove my innocence through court, but feel confident that I would have come out on top with Alex as my attorney. Highly recommend!

DeoN Townsend DeoN Townsend
Shared publicly - July, 23
The first time I ever had charges in my life I was certain my future was taken from me. I had 3+ felony Drug Dealing charges at that.. Looking around online for a lawyer and consulting with them all in my area, something about Mr.Funk and his team gravitated him to me as the guy that would rescue me and keep my future BRIGHT! Our first meeting going over the case upon me, his words were “ I'm not a fairy that can sprinkle magic dust on the case and make it go away like most people think lawyers do/are, but i think you are gonna be fine”. As i appeared in superior court and left out to go over my verdict he received for me after his work was done.. IN FACT he actually had me thinking he was a fairy that sprinkled his magic dust, and he saved my future with a simple program that would, upon completion, have all my charges dropped and off of my record to keep it clean as a whistle. He and his assistants down to the most kind lady at the front desk in-office made me feel like i was in the best legal representation for criminal defense in DELAWARE! I thank God and him everyday it crosses my mind how my life could have been ruined over a mistake. I recommend any criminal defense needed to contact Alexander W. Funk to represent you for your charges to stay out of jail and continue on with smarter decisions to live on with you life legally and on the right path..nTRUST ME . He will grant that journey for you.nAlso, unlike others that charge outrageous prices, he is beyond affordable for his work skill and a pleasure to do business with. Your so appreciated !n-GodBless

Uncle J bird Uncle J bird
Shared publicly - July, 14
Terrible took money from us never called back check back or none thing glad we didn’t hire showed his true colors if my address wasn’t on file I’ll definitely be waiting for him in the parking lot

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