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Ace Cleaners

Ace Cleaners

Address: 1030 Forrest Ave STE 101, Dover, DE 19904, USA


City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Dason Brathwaite Dason Brathwaite
Shared publicly - December, 30
I had been going to this cleaners for almost three years now and for the most part I never had a problem. The owner has always been very short and fairly unfriendly with very poor customer service skills. I equated that to probably a lack of personal skills. So I continued going there dispite his poor interpersonal skills. I did however have a problem with five shirts I took there to be cleaned. It seems that they were poorly cleaned to the point where there was still very visible stains on the collar and in the arm pit areas. I presented this to the owner and he insisted that there was nothing else he could do. I explained that I have had shirts cleaned before with better results. At which point he started yelling then told me to go somewhere else. He even turned and walked away as I was still explaining my point to him. His professionalism was very lacking and his attitude towards me as a consumer was surprising. I do not recommend this facility. There seems to be other places with better ratings.

Vickie Bryant Vickie Bryant
Shared publicly - April, 14
I get alterations done to my clothing there and they always do a good job.

Jo S. Jo S.
Shared publicly - September, 14
This is the worst place to go for dry cleaning. The reason why is because of the horrible customer service. And the availability of the management, they are only there from 7AM-7:30AM. I believe that there are only two employees one being female and male. The male employee does not know the meaning of good customer service. He is very rude, disrespectful, and has an attitude. With having some many options for dry cleaning I recommended everyone to not take their clothes here for dry cleaning.

Wendy Henry Wendy Henry
Shared publicly - February, 11
I have been bringing my cleaning here (weekly) for over 16 years. Recently I informed the owner of an issue with a skirt..just bringing it to his attention as I thought maybe the workers did it & he was not aware of it. I never asked for my money back..just wanting hin to know what happened. This man became very belligerant..began waving his as at me gesturing..then called me stupid & told me to get out! I told my husband and he called him only to receive similar rude behavior. I will never go there again! Poor customer service! Poorly cleaned clothing. Save your money & go elsewhere.

Jodie Truong Jodie Truong
Shared publicly - May, 1
Good fast cleaning.

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