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Abraham Lincoln Middle School

Abraham Lincoln Middle School

Address: 1001 SE 12th St, Gainesville, FL 32641, USA


Website: https://www.sbac.edu/lincoln

City: Florida

Country: United States

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Gina Gardevior Gina Gardevior
Shared publicly - December, 11
I really enjoy my experience in the Lincoln Middle School Lyceum. The teachers are wonderful, you learn, and the MAJORITY (Not all) of the students in the LYCEUM and respectful. I may sound rude, but the Major Program, has a high majority of rude people. Not all of course, there are lots of nice people in the major program. I enjoy my experiences here.nn-A biased Lyceum-er.

Shared publicly - December, 13
School basketball team played green cove springs middle in Jacksonville and they were horrible parents and students. One mother actuallypushed another parent in the stands. Green cove teachers made our kids stay inside unless there was a parent with the child. Children and parents from this school are the problem with my country. Stay in gainsville.

Hannah Irina Hannah Irina
Shared publicly - February, 25
Great School! Challenging, but fun. Very creative students, and awesome staff.

Aastha Singh Aastha Singh
Shared publicly - April, 19
robotics program and teacher are both trash. other than that, not too bad, if you're in the lyceum. if you're in the major program, the teachers are not certified and aren't the best. there is a great variety of kids, so you'll find your kind pretty quickly. the administration is actual trash, but its still the best in all of alachua county. MOST of the teachers are amazing. still though, i've been here for all 3 years of middle school and have never once looked back. its incredibly diverse and there is NO racism existing in the lyceum program. I'm a weird asian kid and if I've done just fine in this school, then you will too.

Ajay Pooran Ajay Pooran
Shared publicly - March, 5
This is a dank and unsanitary school. It has a good education and I recommend it, but here are some things not to do:n-Do not enter/use bathroomsn-Do not touch lunch tables too muchn-Do not touch doors or floorsnnAlso a lot of fights

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