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7-Eleven - Closed

7-Eleven - Closed

Address: 449 S New St, Dover, DE 19904, USA


Website: https://www.7-eleven.com/locations/de/dover/449-s-new-st-19903

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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R.L Caulk R.L Caulk
Shared publicly - February, 5
Great place to let your kids hangout in the parking lot while you head inside and buy a couple packs of Swishers. I highly recommend this 7/11 to anyone.

Life with Carrie Life with Carrie
Shared publicly - May, 20
This 7/11 is great the people there are nice except for yesterday may'19 when it was bring your own cup day so my mom took there we didn't find tht it was bring your own cup day 5 mins till 7:00 when we got there their was an ambulance,emt,police and,fire truck in the parking look so I got out the carnAt 6:59 when I got in the store the cashier was standing behind the machine bent over I asked him was my cup alright he said for what and so I Told him by then it's only 7:01 and he says that ended at 7:00ud83dude11ud83dude12

Shared publicly - April, 23
Great n convenient store! Also great friendly employees!

Jaquan Ellis Jaquan Ellis
Shared publicly - April, 12

Latosha Fitzgerald Latosha Fitzgerald
Shared publicly - February, 20

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